Who’s On Your Business Success Team?

Small Business Success Team

Preparing to hire human capital is just like a football coach identifying the right players to put on the field. There are several factors a coach considers including existing strategies, the role, and the fit with the team, your leadership style and a player’s ability or expertise. It’s exactly the same in your business. You need to understand the processes and strategies in your business to hire the right resources to attain the right results. Continue reading

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Growing your emotional intelligence (EI) as a small business leader can help you make better business decisions, increased team performance and an increase in sales.

EI is widely known as a core element of effective leadership. Simply put, it’s the ability to be in tune with yourself and your emotions in order to recognize the impact you make on the people around you.

For business leaders like you and I, that translates into how our behavior and actions can inspire or hamper our team from achieving top performance. Continue reading

5 Elements of a Job Seekers Website or Profile that Differentiate You from the Competition

Job Seekers Website

Increase the potential opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities for a lifetime of your career by having your own website. In addition, a social profile, like LinkedIn is also invaluable to your success in finding a job and staying relevant throughout your career.

Both career branded assets (website and social profile) work together to give breadth and depth to your experience and potential value you can add to any company.

HOW? Continue reading

The Fastest Path to Grow Your Business

How to Increase Sales Fast!

Lack of cashflow is always on the biggest challenges for every small business. What you need to do is change how you deliver your products and services so that you can focus on the core solutions that generate the most revenue.

There are 3 simple strategies that I want to share, that can help you increase revenue in the short-term and long-term. Continue reading

3 Strategies to Clearly Communicate the Role of Your New Hire

Communicate Effectively

Every time you hire a candidate, the number one priority should be to make the best first impression possible. We’re all aware that the initial experience has a direct relationship to retaining talent.

Use the following 3 strategies to help bring your new hire into the fold and create an experience that inspires. Continue reading